Main Oil and Gas Areas, Mining Sites and Sea-Ice Extent in the Arctic (source: Arctic Portal for Map based on Nordregio; Johanna Roto and José Sterling, 2011, days ago, the government of Greenland has relesed the following piece of news regarding  exclusive licences for exploration for and exploitation of hydrocarbons to be awarded in Jameson Land, East Greenland:

In the fall of 2014 the Government of Greenland invited prospective applicants to submit applications for exclusive licences for exploration for and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Jameson Land in East Greenland. In the period from 1 September until 28 November 2014 the Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) has received applications from two different companies. Both companies have submitted applications for licences for two of the three available areas. These two applications are therefore in direct competition for a possible licence.

The MRA is now in the process of evaluating the applications. The applications will be evaluated based on a range of criteria such as the applicants' previous experience in exploration for and exploitation of hydrocarbons, the applicants' experience in working in areas with similar conditions, financial capability and the manner in which the applicants intends to carry out activities. The applicants' competences and experiences in relation to health, safety and environment will also be considered.

It is still possible for other companies to submit applications relating to the three areas in Jameson Land. If the Government of Greenland decides not to award licences to any of the two companies who have at present submitted applications, new applications will be considered. New applications will be processed and evaluated in the order in which they are received by the MRA.

Further information and application materials can be found on

For further information please contact:

Minister for Mineral Resources, Andreas Uldum: Phone: +299 345212

Acting Deputy Minister, Jørgen T. Hammeken-Holm: Phone: +299 346846

Source: Government of Greenland