Arctic FrontiersThe Arctic Frontiers – international conference on Arctic issues will take place in Tromso, northern Norway 18th – 23rd of January 2015.

Arctic Frontiers is growing and has now integrated a Business section alongside Arctic Frontiers Policy, and Arctic Frontiers Science. Arctic Frontiers Business will focus on the drivers for industrial growth in the north.

During Arctic Frontiers Business 2015 the main focus will be on Barents Sea oil and gas and the Arctic mineral industry.

It is expected that development in these two industries will have a great impact on the future economic development in the north. What will be discussed is the role of these industries as drivers for economic development, the effects for suppliers to these industries, and what can be achieved in these sectors through northern business collaboration.

As a part of the Business Conference Arctic Frontiers is hosting a conference on Regional Cooperation and Economic development in the Arctic. The conference is organized in collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernization.
Arctic Frontiers Business will facilitate business to business meetings and business presentations.

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