uarcticThe University of the Arctic has just opened the application process for seven different Circumpolar Studies courses to its member universities and international studies worldwide.

The Circumpolar Studies Core Courses consist of a single lower-level introductory course and six upper-level advanced courses in three interdisciplinary fields of study. The core courses enable students to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the lands, peoples, and critical issues of the Circumpolar North. Circumpolar Studies prepares students for advanced study or professional employment in fields as diverse as sustainable resource management, self-government, Arctic engineering, and northern tourism.

Courses are delivered online and are worth 6 ECTS, or 3 credit units at most North American institutions. The language of instruction is English. Tuition and other fees are charged only by a student's home institution, where applicable.

Credit will be recorded at the offering institution and may be transferred to a student's home institution after successful completion of the course.

As a home institution, you collect and keep all of your regular tuition fees for these courses from your students. It is a great system allowing smaller UArctic member institutions to have access to the Circumpolar Studies courses for their students but not having to bear the cost of delivering these courses.

Click here for more information about the courses and to access the application form.