Book iconThe team of PAGE21 WP 8 has just released PAGE21 - DOC – the PAGE21 Data Output Catalogue.

The PAGE21 – DOC is primarily addressed to the PAGE21 consortium to facilitate the exchange of data and information between and within the different work - packages.

The PAGE21 Data Output Catalogue is an aggregate form of all the PAGE21 data that are stored in other data repositories, such as GTN-P, PANGAEA or the European Flux Database.

Why didn't we just put all data in only one repository? Each of these databases has its individual advantage related to data post-processing and quality check in dependence of the particular data types.

PAGE21 - DOC comprises all the different data at one place, providing DOI's, handles and other links to a broad range of datasets, reports and additional information related to the PAGE21 products.

Click here to look up the PAGE21 Data Output Catalogue.