(Photo: NARFU)Second voyage of "The Arctic Floating University - 2014" will go through the Northern Sea Route.

The second voyage of "The Arctic Floating University" will start on the 1st of August. This time the route of the expedition will go through the Northern Sea Route and it will also have international status. The expedition is held under the auspices of the Arctic Council. Students from several European and American universities will participate in the voyage as well as representatives of the company Total (France) and various educational and research institutions. 52 people will conduct research activities on board of the ship "Professor Molchanov", including 23 scientists, 25 students and 4 graduate students.

The expedition will focus on such research areas as meteorology, biology, geomorphology and make a comprehensive inspection of the ice monitoring system. The scientists on board of the ship will also give lectures on international relations in the Arctic and geopolitics. A number of subjects related to the legal issues in the Arctic will also be discussed. And the scientists will study cultural and historical heritage of the Arctic region (Pomor traditions, monuments on the islands in the Pechora Sea).

The first voyage of "The Arctic Floating University - 2014" ended on June 30. That expedition concentrated on several scientific directions which included meteorology, oceanography, hydrochemistry, glaciology and bioresource observations.

Source: Press-Office of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia