(Photo: Barents Observer)Yesterday, 1st of July 2014, the state´s Duma approved the new – old law ´´On computation of time´´ to switch the clock on October 26th 2014 to permanent winter time. This regulation will grant northerners with two hours earlier daylight during the dark season mid - winter compared with last winter.

It was then-President Dmitry Medvedev that introduced permanent fixed summer time in 2011. For cross-border travelers between Norway and Russia in the north, the challenges appeared difficult. The land-border between the two countries became the only in Europe with a three hour time difference during the time of the year when other European countries changed to daylight savings.

Commenting on the confusing time-change and people's lack of day-light, Vladimir Putin said the year after "Something might not have been thought through."

The lawmakers in the State Duma argued that permanent summer time had caused increased stress and had a detrimental effect on the public's health. It was also the Duma's Committee of Healthcare that issued the recommendation to endorse the permanent winter time bill.

With permanent winter time, the difference in time on the Norwegian, Russian border will be two hours in winter and only one hour during summer when Norwegians are on daylight savings time. On the Finnish, Russian border, there will be no time difference during summer, and one hour difference during winter.

At the same time as Russia turns back the clocks, the easternmost time zone will be reintroduced, nine hours ahead of Moscow time. In total, Russia will then have 11 time zones, from Kaliningrad in the west to Chukotka region in the northeast.

Source: Barents Observer