Ship at sea with the midnight sunToday, 10th of June 2014 a group of students and faculty from Western Kentucky University (WKY) – Toppers at Sea – visited the University of Akureyri with lectures and presentations of climate change.

A short symposium called: Climate Change Challenge: A Symposium on Climate Change in the North Atlantic.

The symposium was open to everyone interested in the subject and took place from 9am-12pm in room M102.

The goal of the symposium was to prepare the students with the skills and competencies for understanding and dealing with climate change issues, and further more, to establish a working relationship with Iceland and Icelandic universities.

Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson, a specialist in glaciology at the Icelandic Meteorological Office was boarding the vessel MV Explorer in Reykjavik on its way to Akureyri, where he took part in the symposium.

Further more, Monika Margrét Stefánsdóttir, a masters student in Polar Law at the University of Akureyri, was boarding the vessel in Copenhagen and joining courses on the way to Iceland.