PuffinThe 8th UArctic Rectors' Forum starts today at the University of Akureyri, capital city of northern Iceland.

The Theme of the 8th Forum is University Education in the Arctic Regions-, flexibility, gender equality and health.

In conjunction with the 2014 Rectors' Forum, the University of Akureyri will continue the practice of hosting a UArctic Students' Forum. In this respect, you are invited to sponsor one graduate student or rising senior undergraduate student from your institution to participate in the student program. Your institution will be responsible for the cost associated with the participation of your student representatives, i.e. registration fee, travel expenses and accommodation cost.Please, see the preliminary program for Student's Forum.

The Rectors' Forums are for the leaders of UArctic's Higher Education Institution members, and serve as a unique opportunity for the heads of these institutions in the circumpolar North to participate in a common dialogue and learning experience focused on topics of special relevance. Institution leaders (Chancellors, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Provosts) who participate in the meeting may bring one additional expert or advisor in their delegation. Note: The Rectors' Forum business meeting session is not open to representatives from UArctic members who are not a rector, provost, president, vice president or hold a similar post of leadership.

For further details see UArctic Rectors' Forum Terms of Reference and the UArctic Charter (adopted and signed at the Rectors' Forum 2008).