Icebreakers in Russian waters.The Russian Federation national nuclear corporation Rosatom has been very close to reaching the deal with United Shipbuilding Corporation on the construction of two powerful icebreakers.

After long negotiations, the two of the biggest Russian state enterprises are about to find a compromise on the ice – breaker deal.

The Russian national newspaper Kommersant reported, that two LK-60 icebreakers, the powerful 60 MW vessels, will be built at the Baltiisky Yard in Sankt Petersburg for a price 2 billion rubles. A part of the deal is an enhanced level of control over expenses from the side of Rosatom.

So far, the Russian federal government has allocated a total of 86,1 billion roubles for the project. However, Rosatom insisted that the two vessels should cost only 77,5 billion, an offer which was declined by the Baltiisky Yard. A second tender with an adjusted starting price of 84,4 billion roubles was announced in December 2013.

According to Kommersant, this is the final price which has now been agreed by the sides.

The new icebreakers will be the most powerful in the world and are key instruments in Russia's enhanced activity level in the Arctic.

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