The agreement on cooperation between the Northern Forum and the University of the Arctic sealedThe agreement on cooperation between the Northern Forum and the University of the Arctic has been signed on Monday. According the agreement the parties agree to engage in cooperation within mutually recognized fields of interests that correspond to their respective missions and operations; which for example, may consist of but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supporting each other to strengthening cooperation on higher education between regional partners, including regional authorities, stakeholders, and members of the UArctic, business society and indigenous communities.
  • Strive to enhance the development of cross border educational and research programs and activities in response to the needs of regional actors and communities.
  • Pledge to support each other outreach and communication efforts by establishing regular channels of communication, by sharing newsletters and related sources of outreach and information, and by conducting annual information exchanges on issues of value or relevance to both parties; provided through oral reports in meetings (when possible) and /or in written form.
  • Informing each other of possible concerns to issues or proceedings that are of value or relevance to both parties; particularly on local matters that could affect the mandates or positions of the pares.
  • Offering each other support capacity in funding and in developing cases (i.e. joint projects or specific activities) that are of value or relevance to both parties; to which the terms are agreed on a case by case basis.
  • Investigate the possibility of publishing an international scientific journal encompassing all major research areas on a parity basis and involve other international organizations of the Arctic in participation in the project.
  • Seek ways to collaborate in the contexts of the Humans in the Arctic project, led by the Northern Forum, and the third International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III) to gain a better understanding of the research needs of people in the Circumpolar north.
  • Recognising the fundamental role of cultural identity for the sustainable development of communities and individuals, the Northern Forum and UArctic edge to seek ways to support collaboration in arts and design education and exchange between the regions.
  • Develop a Plan of joint events and activities to discuss a wide range of issues to achieve sustainable development of the Arctic and Northern regions.

Although continued improvement in extractive technologies, transportation systems, weather monitoring and the like will make regional development more efficient, less expensive, safer, environmentally sustainable and more dependable; these are essentially based on southern innovations. If the quality of life of northern residents is to truly improve, then northern based Regional and Innovation Development efforts must be guided and created through the collaborative efforts of regional actors.

UArctic has over ten years' successful experience with the circumpolar north2north mobility program. However, it is time to explore the possibility of creating a structural, comprehensive and inclusive Circumpolar Mobility Program that would serve a greater number of our northern youth through possibilities for educational and entrepreneurial cooperation, under the concerted efforts of a common frame known as "north2north+".