Norwegian Petroleum DirectorateYesterday, 5th of March, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate announced the great success of their iPhones/iPads App entitled Oil Facts.

The jury of the annual Farman awards wrote that it is impressed by the volume of information available in this comprehensive, user-friendly and useful app from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Only the Norwegian Environment Agency's Environment status app ranks higher.

Best useful app is a new category for the Farmand awards, which have traditionally been reserved for annual reports and websites.

The jury writes that Oil facts contributes a lot of interesting and useful information, which would otherwise be time-consuming to access.

It targets people who already have significant knowledge about the Norwegian oil industry. However, we quickly discovered that it should also be very useful for teachers, students of all ages and other interested parties, whether they are looking for fast or comprehensive factual information. On the negative side, the jury notes that the search function is disappointing.

New versions of Oil facts adapted for Android and Windows Phone are being developed, with launch planned in April.

The app is accessible, free of charge from the iTunes App Store.