melting ice in the arcticYesterday, 19th of January 2013, Arctic Frontiers started in Tromsø, northern Norway.

The complete Policy section of Arctic Frontiers will be broadcast live on the internet in English, Norwegian and Russian. To view the conference you can follow the links in the schedule. Click on the links on the frontpage of the website.

Please note that the Live WebTV require Microsoft Silverlight to be installed on your computer. You will be asked to install it automatically when clicking the link if it is not already installed. If you wish to view the presentations on an iPhone or iPad you will need to install the Mediasite Mobile App.

You will be able to re - watch sessions once they have been completed.

Arctic Frontiers is an international arena addressing development in the Arctic. The conference discusses how upcoming opportunities and challenges may be handled to ensure viable economic growth and societal and environmental sustainability.

Annually the conference attracts more than 1000 participants from 25 Arctic and non-arctic countries, representing science, business, politics, and civil society. The conference takes place in the Norwegian city of Tromsø, historically known as the Arctic Gateway.

Click here for more information about the conference.