(Photo: Getty Images) Coast of Greenland Meeting the challenges of their previous decisions, Greenlandic government decided to discuss controversial mining law that was passed at the end of last year.

Local regulations that make it easier for foreign investors to mine for raw materials caused major disputes in some circles.

Current activities around Greenlandic mines could make Greenland the world´s leading rare earth producer what would mean increased presence of foreign workers in the country as the current population of 55 000 people would quickly become insufficient.

New legislation is about to state that the foreign workers, very often underpaid, would have to earn at least the equivalent to Greenlandic minimum wage, meaning that more locals would be taken where possible.

What is more the new legislation is likely to include concessions to unions on disability and holiday pay.

Last week Greenlandic government awarded UK – based company London Mining 30 – year license to build and run a giant iron ore mine.