(Logo: Norden) The APECS Norden Project "Bridging Early Career Researchers and Indigenous Peoples in Nordic Countries" Norden logo blank will feature a series of 6 webinars.

The webinar series will identify current research challenges from the perspective of ECRs and Indigenous peoples and will aim to define potential solutions to overcome these existing challenges to communication and other research issues.

The topics of the 6 webinars will be posted here once the schedule and program has been finalized. Speakers will include leading experts, Early Career Researchers, Indigenous youth and Indigenous researchers from Nordic regions as well as others. Tentative subjects include the following:

- History, culture and overview of Nordic Indigenous peoples

  • Indigenous peoples' perspectives on climate change issues, and related scientific and research activities
  • Developing confidence in researching at the local level
  • Improving communication and Incorporating Traditional Knowledge and local experts into research projects
  • Strategies to engage youth indigenous peoples in education and outreach
  • Strategies to create important sustainable research with support from local indigenous people.

Webinars will be held weekly in October & November 2013. The schedule including dates, times, registration information and webinar topics will be posted here soon.

The general information and other activities within the APECS Norden Project can be found at their main webpage.