(Photo: H.Hreinsson) Lassi Heininen and Heather Exner-Pirot present the Arctic Yearbook 2013 during the Arctic Circle. On Saturday, 12th of October 2013, The Arctic Yearbook 2013 has been spectacularly launched during the Arctic Circle.

The Yearbook, which is this year devoted to how the Arctic of Regions meets the Globalized Arctic, examines the nature of this historic crossroads from different angles.

It thus contributes in significant ways to the most important transformation the Arctic has ever encountered, demonstrating how science and scholarly dialogue are, and must be, guiding principles of Arctic cooperation and introduce our new partners to an important tradition, the foundation of successful Arctic cooperation.

The Arctic Yearbook has been the outcome of international cooperation between Northern Research Forum and University of the Arctic.

The Arctic Yearbook is available under limited copyright protection agreement. The publication is available for download, distribution or photocopy. Citation or excerption of this document must be provided properly, giving full credit to an author and editor of a text. Publication shall not be used for commercial purposes.

The Arctic Yearbook is being hosted and designed by the Arctic Portal. 

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