5th Polar Shipping Summit

The Arctic Polar Shipping Summit will take place 26th -27th of February 2014 in London.

The ACI's 5th Polar Shipping Summit will help its participants to prepare their ship and crew for another successful year of polar navigation.

The forum will enable its participants to meet Arctic experts from Canada, Russia, USA and Europe, who will share their views on the best solutions for the current operational challenges as well as the strategy and the recent design and technology innovations.

The governmental officials attending will inform you of the policy and regulatory changes for the upcoming years and promote understanding for the government's strategy for the Arctic development in polar circles.

The Summit will focus on technological, operational, and logistical challenges encountered by ship owners in harsh Arctic conditions.

It will address key developments in transport and regulation in the Arctic as well as; commercial, communication and safety issues. Particular emphasis will be put on evaluating potential opportunities in the region.

This summit, through presentations, round table discussion and case studies will examine practical solutions to Arctic shipping issues and present the latest innovations of technology in this specialized area.

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5th Polar Shipping Summit