A view from the Chinese research vessel Xuelong in Iceland.

The first China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium will start tomorrow in Shanghai. The Polar Research Institute of China hosts the symposium in cooperation with the Icelandic Center for Research.

Participants will be Chinese and Nordic institutions. The theme of the conference is "China-Nordic Cooperation for Sustainable Development in the Arctic: Human Activity and Environmental Change".

Three sessions are scheduled and open to participants:

  • Session I: Arctic Shipping and Resource Exploration
  • Session II: Arctic Policies and Governance
  • Session III: Climate Change and the Arctic in the Anthropocene

The symposium will be a significant step towards the establishment of the China-Nordic Arctic Research Center, located at PRIC in Shanghai.

Following the symposium in Shanghai on 4-6 June, there will be an organized excursion for the participants on 7 June.

Further information is given by Mr. Egill Thor Nielsson, Visiting Scholar at PRIC.


Polar Research Institute of China