Polar bear on iceTomorrow, 24th of May 2013 at the University of Iceland, Icelandic – Arctic scholars will gather again to give presentations about most up to date Arctic related issues. The seminar will start at 12.00. It will take place in the University´s building – Lögbergi 101.

Auður Ingólfsdóttir will give an opening speech about legal regimes for the Arctic waters and governance of Arctic fishing resources.

Margaret Cela, who has recently been appointed as the Project Manager for The Center for Arctic Policy Studies, will talk about the position of small states in the Arctic Region.

The seminar will bring together representatives from Iceland´s capital region and northern part of the country. Embla Eir Oddsdóttir, who has recently been appointed as a director of new Icelandic – Arctic Cooperation Network with the headquarters in Akureyri, will present the organization´s main goals.

The meeting in organized by the Center for Arctic Policy Studies (CAPS), which is a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of Arctic research with emphasis on the role and policies of states and institutions, non – state and corporate actors, and broader aspects of governance, culture and society in the High North.

CAPS organizes conferences, seminars and lectures on Arctic issues as well as supporting learning in this important field of study.

The center also publishes books and papers and introduces new research activities in the interdisciplinary field of Arctic studies.

CAPS hosts post-doctoral research and participates in various research projects with both Icelandic and foreign academics.

CAPS also carries out service projects for the private and public sectors with an aim to increase collaboration between these sectors and the academic community. Through its knowledge production the center seeks to inform and impact societal, cultural and environmental development as well as transnational communication in the High North.

The Centre for Arctic Policy Studies (CAPS) is run under the auspices of the Institute of International Affairs (IIA) at the University of Iceland along with The Centre for Small State Studies (CSSS).