(Logo: Science Cooperation Fund between Iceland and Norway)

Science Cooperation Fund – the Agreement between Iceland and Norway to promote the Arctic studies and help with students and staff mobility between those two Arctic countries, encourages to apply for exchange scholarships and staff mobility grants before tomorrow´s deadline.

The purpose of the fund is to encourage scientific cooperation between higher education institutions, research organizations and research groups in Norway and Iceland in the field of Arctic science or other activities as decided by the joint Icelandic-Norwegian Committee.

Grants are awarded for travel and accommodation cost in relation to the participation of individuals or groups in scientific conferences and/or joint meetings in Norway and Iceland.

In this context Arctic science encompasses research, monitoring, education and dissemination of knowledge that relate to both distinctive and common denominators of nature, culture, economy and history of the Arctic region with a bilateral and/or international perspective.

Grants will be awarded according to lump sums for travel and subsistence costs.

For more information, please visit the Science Cooperation Fund website.