Welcome to the European Polar Board (EPB) Summer 2024 newsletter! We would like to update you about our members' long-term activities.

The EPB has currently 31 members from 22 different countries. Representatives and alternative representatives of our member institutions convene twice a year at the EPB Plenary meetings, where they discuss their scientific and organisational priorities. At the last Plenary meeting in Spring 2024 in Katowice, the EPB Plenary welcomed a new member: Czech Antarctic Research Programme (CARP), Masaryk University. Read more about the Plenary Meeting.

With the current hosting period of the EPB Secretariat at the Dutch Research Council (NWO) coming to an end in December 2024, the EPB Members have decided that the EPB Secretariat will move to, and be hosted by the Arctic Center at Umeå University, Sweden from January 2025.

From January 2025, the EPB will also host the European Polar Coordination Office (EPCO) that will serve as a single contact point between the European science community and the European Commission and other policy and decision makers, and other relevant stakeholders. Read more.

The EPB Secretariat has been undergoing staff changes: In March 2024, we were excited to welcome a new Project Officer, Marije Tempel. On a sad note, Pjotr Elshout (former Project Officer) and Griffith Couser (former Policy Officer) have left the Secretariat. View the current EPB Secretariat staff on the EPB website.

In this newsletter you can find selected highlights of EPB members' activities, as well as upcoming events co-organised by the EPB or highlighted by the EPB members


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