In a world where food is essential for all, yet millions still go hungry and our planet faces escalating environmental challenges, the World Food Forum (WFF) is thrilled to launch its 2024 cycle under the theme: "Good food for all, for today and tomorrow”.

The urgency is clear: over 738.9 million people faced hunger in 2022, and we are off track to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger, by 2030. At the same time, our agrifood systems are responsible for significant environmental degradation, including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and biodiversity loss. These challenges require innovative solutions, increased investments and inclusive partnerships.

Our theme embodies the vision of ensuring everyone has access to healthy, sustainable food while safeguarding the planet's future.

What is "Good food"?

  • Healthy diets: Sustainable production of livestock, fisheries and crops.
  • Biodiversity: Nurturing and preserving biodiversity.
  • Resource management: Responsible stewardship of forests, wetlands, soil and water.
  • Reducing waste: Curbing food loss and waste.
  • Clean energy: Scaling up clean energy initiatives.
  • Inclusive policies: Embracing evidence-based, inclusive policies and data-driven progress.

Save the date: WFF flagship event 14 - 18 October, 2024

Join us at FAO Headquarters in Rome for our flagship event, where we will gather to discuss and strategize towards a hunger-free, sustainable future.

Together, we can ensure "Good food for all, for today and tomorrow."

World Food Forum

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