ACI's 18th Arctic Shipping Summit will be taking place on the 6th and 7th November 2024 in Montreal, Canada.

The conference will continue to give updates on shipping in the Arctic such as policies and regulations, technological developments and infrastructure. The forum will also bring up important topics like sustainable shipping practices and measures in place to help with pollution in the Arctic.

The two day conference will bring together senior executives from shipping companies, coastguards and transport authorities as well as other influential stakeholders amongst the value chain.

Key topics

  • Focusing on sustainable practices and moving towards decarbonization
  • Updating current navigational routes and reviewing alternative routes
  • Arctic pollution and the measures being taken to assist these difficulties
  • Recapping the 2023/2024 operational season and lessons learned
  • Policies and regulations updates including the implementation of the high seas convention
  • Training practices relating to unique arctic shipping conditions

The Arctic Shipping Summit 2024 Agenda

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