In the first ten years of the 2000s, IK carried out one of the most significant research and publishing projects around the students of the world-renowned naturalist Carl Linnaeus, who travelled beyond the borders of Europe. They came to be called Linnaeus Apostles, and the finalised eight-volume series, including eleven books, was titled The Linnaeus Apostles Global Science & Adventure.

Since then, the publication has, in many different ways, ”focused the searchlight” on these early scientific travelling entrepreneurs who had the task of describing what they saw during their extensive trips to all continents. The journals of the apostles are excellent examples of the 1700s spirit in trying to understand the world. IK is grateful that we can still offer these series to interested parties in print and digital formats.

Although all volumes in the series are unique individually, Volume One, ”INTRODUCTION”, is the book that creates deep insights into how the 1700s world thought and acted around enlightenment and exploration of fauna, flora and economy. It is also the volume that is not available as a digital iBOOK. Due to protected rights for extensive picture material, IK has only had the opportunity to buy the right to use it in the printed version.

The book, just under 400 pages, is written by subject-leading researchers in natural history, geography, the history of science, etc., all from Sweden, the very same country that Carl Linnaeus and most of his apostles came from! In addition to these contemporary writers – where, unfortunately, some today have passed away – the book contains texts by Carl Linnaeus and the Englishman Henry Smeathman on practical advice for travelling naturalists.

The richly illustrated Volume One is a physically large book in folio format, heavy in both its scope as well as in its contents, which is divided into three sections:


VOLUME ONE is available as an individual volume – an opportunity for those who may not have room in their bookshelves for all eight volumes or want direct access to deep and fact-based knowledge of the subjects – a classic and beautiful reference work.

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