We are delighted to be able to invite you to participate in ‘Navigating the Future: Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing for a Just and Sustainable Maritime Future’, a collaborative project, between Green Marine and Heriot-Watt University. The aim of the project is to support the maritime industry within Arctic and sub-Arctic nations in navigating a just and green transition. To do this, we are keen to work alongside and hear from a wide variety of voices within the maritime community (here, ships, ports, harbours, seaways, shipyards and shipbuilders) to highlight best practices, share experiences and support the sector in collectively working together towards a greener future.

We would like to invite representatives from Arctic and non-Arctic maritime organisations to take part in a semi-structured interview (online), where we would particularly like to hear more about your organisations green transition, and if applicable, the connections of your organisation to the local community. We are also interested in discussing and challenges and lessons learned, and if you feel these might be relevant to maritime operations in the Arctic. Questions will be shared at least one week in advance of the scheduled interview to allow time to familiarise yourself with what we will be asking, but you are under no obligation to answer any questions that you feel aren't relevant. The interviews will be conducted in English. We do not want language to be a barrier to your voice being heard, so if an English language-interview is not suitable, we can organise a translator or you are welcome to bring someone along to translate, or, we can provide the questions to you in your language for you to write your answers to us by email.

Following the conclusion of interviews, we will be hosting an online knowledge sharing session in spring 2024. This will be an opportunity for us to feedback information and lessons learned during the project. We would be delighted if you and/or others from your organisation would like to attend and we will send you an invite early next year.

If you would like to confirm your interest in attending this event, or would like to schedule a date for an interview (~1 hr commitment), please contact Emily Hague who will be delighted to share more information and book a timeslot.

Best wishes,

Emily and the ‘Navigating the Future’ team

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