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When: 8th - 11th November 2023

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

Cryosphere loss - the retreat of frozen water across the Earth system - is increasingly recognized as a profound global threat. This two-part transdisciplinary panel examine futures being made amidst cryospheric collapse. "Part I: Ecosocial Futures" foregrounds community-driven future-making amidst planetary-scale transformation, including efforts to care for lands, waterways, and their more-than-human inhabitants; the significance of local, traditional, and Indigenous knowledge; and health and social effects, including psychosocial distress, impacts on subsistence livelihoods, and climate-induced migration (Bronen, 2010; Whyte, 2017; Cunsolo and Ellis, 2018). "Part 2: Scientific Futures" interrogates scientific understandings of cryosphere loss, including concerns over sea level rise, subsidence, biodiversity loss, greenhouse gas emissions, pathogens, and biogeochemical risks (Yumashev et al, 2019; Aikio, 2019; Miner et al, 2021), alongside contestation surrounding scientific efforts to address cryosphere loss, including via geoengineering.

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Deadline: 11:59pm EST on 05/26/2023

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