Introducing the WDS Community of Excellence, our new member platform, powered by Glue Up!

We are excited to announce the implementation of a new CRM for WDS members, the WDS Community of Excellence. Our new member platform, powered by Glue Up, is a cloud-based software that will help us manage events, memberships, communities, and email campaigns more easily and effectively. It will also help us collect and analyze data from our activities and improve our engagement with our members and stakeholders.

Some of the benefits of using and participating in our Community of Excellence include easy access to information about events, memberships, and communities and seamless integration with our website for member application and renewal. The WDS Community of Excellence will also feature automated tracking of member disciplines, partnerships, certification, and affiliations, as well as improved communication and engagement with WDS and other members.

Here's how we're using Glue Up for our new member platform, the WDS Community of Excellence:

  • Membership application to renewal is integrated into our website, and renewals are automated through the system.
  • We're tracking members by discipline, partnerships, certification, affiliations, and more, allowing us to streamline communication with members.
  • We're managing events, starting with the Sustainability Summit in July 2023, with a registration page through Glue Up.
  • We've created online communities for ECR and organizational members, providing expert advice and resources from community members and WDS.
  • We're sending newsletters and targeted messages to members through Glue Up.
  • Glue Up feeds information into the member directory, which we are working to integrate into the WDS website.

This implementation of the WDS Community of Excellence demonstrates our commitment to managing your data responsibly and providing you with an easy-to-use system that allows you to connect conveniently and consistently with us and each other. We appreciate your patience as we evaluated and implemented membership systems. We hope you will enjoy using our new member platform as we launch it soon.

Here are a few tasks for you:
Log in and create a profile at
Update your information, including your location, discipline, and contact information.

Let us know if there are additional individuals from your team who should be included in the system.

Give us feedback at .

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