We are glad to present you a very rich issue. While thanking all the Projects that contributed, this is an edition full of reflections and deep thoughts about a delicate topic: mental health, in all its possible declinations.

Talking about mental health is never easy. It is even more difficult when one has to talk about youth mental health, especially considering the negative effects of the pandemics. Considering the term ‘effects’, one may wonder why we are talking about this issue only now. ‘Effects of something’, in general, derive from a problem that has settled, some way, in some dimensions of our life. We believe that, during these 3 past years, at least once, we have had to deal with a young person who brings with him/her the effects of the lockdown, the lack of freedom, of sociality, of the relationships facilitated by school, and, as if that were not enough, the consequent economic crisis (lack of incentives, stimulus or job opportunities).

And this has been considered the right time to talk about it.

These terms, reflecting specific conditions, remind some speeches heard during the Direction Employment conference organised by Lai-momo in Bologna. In our pages you will find some interesting summaries leading to further reflections. The event was dedicated mainly to NEETs, a target group we add to our full set of ‘heroes’ we want to help through our work and activities: young people, women, people suffering from mental health issues, all possible vulnerable/fragile groups.

With our Mag, which will be one soon, we want to talk about Heroes.
And we want you to be the voices for those Heroes that cannot directly tell their stories.

Finally, related to our next future, we invite you to read the news coming from the Fund for Regional Cooperation, since the FRA held a hybrid Roundtable with NHRIs, the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI), inviting also its National Liaison Officers and the EU Charter Focal Points, to discuss challenges and opportunities with regard to the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and monitoring the fundamental rights aspects of the rule of law.

Stay tuned!

The 23rd issue of our Online Magazine is now out!

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