When: Mar 16, 2023 10:30 AM in Brussels

Where: Online event

Work Package 7 will enable discovery, open access, view and download of the data generated and collected during the SO-CHIC project.

Data management will be developed in coordination and collaboration with already existing infrastructures and integrators (e.g. EMODnet, CMEMS, SOOS) to avoid the duplication of effort and to facilitate a fast adoption and availability of the produced data. The In Situ Thematic Assembly Center (INSTAC), a component of CMEMS, in collaboration with the EuroGOOS Regional Data Assembly Center, provides a research and operational framework to gather and deliver in situ observations and derived products based on such observations.

CMEMS INSTAC and SeaDataNet are the pillars of the EMODnet Physics that is developing up to date interoperability and machine to machine open and free data access interfaces.

These infrastructures have been developed and updated for past decades and are now operationally working. Besides verifying measurements they already offer the collected data to users in the marine community for coastal and marine environment, marine resources, marine safety and climate forecasting and changes.

The webinar is hosted and coordinated by the European Polar Board, in conjunction with WP7 lead, Dr. Antonio Novellino from ETT. A recording of the webinar will be publicly available afterwards.

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