My latest book Assigiippugut is now available.  Vi er ens - We are the same.

The book is about climate crises.



"The womb takes care of the baby as the ozone layer protects our soil."

-Lana Hansen


With short, poetic, thought-provoking text,the author Lana Hansen expresses the unique connections between humans, Earth, and the universe.

The book is illustrated by the artist Helle Vibeke Jensen.

The book is written in Greenlandic-Danish, and Greenlandic and English.


The book has tree seeds cards.

The readers can plant the tree.

Instead of cutting down a tree.


The book is without plastic and sustainable etc.


If you have interest or need further information please contact me.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen / Inussiarnersumik inuulluarit

Lana Hansen

Adelgade 64, 5tv

1304 Copenhagen


DK Number : (+45) 50219291

Skype ID: tingisa

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