Dear and Distinguished Colleagues,

Good afternoon from the growing Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies in Anchorage.  It is a hyper busy time for our center. We hope that each of you and yours are doing well. The following is a quick rundown of information, events, activities and opportunities associated with DoD’s newest Regional Center.

AAS22. We are getting close to finalizing all things ALCOM Arctic Symposium 2022. We are at capacity now for the in-person portion, but the on-line edition is available for those who wish to participate. It will prove to be a meaningful and rich event, tapping into the many facets of Arctic Security via guest speakers, participation activities and more. For all interested in the on-line portions, please see the AAS22 Registration site at

Alaska World Affairs Council activities. As fits your calendar, please consider joining two Alaska World Affairs Council events as listed in the attached flyers. You will note the event focusing on Arctic and Ukraine is set for 22 April and the Cyber event is right after AAS22 end on 6 May 2022.

In support of other events in April. The Stevens Center has been honored to participate in a number of events already in the month of April, to include the Sea Air Space Conference and Expo in the National Capitol Region, the Arctic Encounter Symposium in Anchorage and the Northernmost Border Roundtable in Utqiagvik. We have also conducted our most recent edition of the Arctic Region Security Orientation Course Executive Seminar in support of U.S. Northern Command and today we were honored to participate in the University of Alaska’s Arctic Domain Awareness Center’s Program Year 8 Annual Meeting. As someone who cares a great deal for ADAC and the impact it has made in support of the Arctic operator, particularly, the US Coast Guard, please know it is a joy to see this center complete the approved program of research and be poised for yet new research tasks.

New DASD and PD for Arctic & Global Resilience. The Stevens Center is honored to relay previous announcements of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) and Principal Deputy (PD) for Arctic and Global Resilience, for the Office of Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon. Ms. Iris Ferguson and Mr. Greg Pollock, both highly experienced Pentagon leaders are taking on the role of DASD and PD respectively of the new Arctic and Global Resilience office in OSD Policy. The TSC is honored to support this new office, as we will be a direct report and will also continue to support DASD Western Hemisphere as relates to Canadian bi-lateral cooperation in the Arctic. As announced last month, we are honored to be aligned to U.S. Northern Command as our principal Geographic Unified Command.

Update for TSC on-boarding of new personnel.  The Stevens Center welcomes aboard the new Center Dean of School of Arctic and Climate Security Studies, RADM (Ret) Matt Bell, USCG, former District 17 Commander, on 25 April 2022. We look forward to welcoming the new TSC Associate Director for Support Functions, Ms. Linda Denning in late May, our Budget Analyst, Mr. Nick Austin, and our new Administrative Assistant, Ms. Dolores Webster, in early summer. We are hoping to announce our new Associate Director of Research and Analysis in the very near future. We do respectfully thank all who applied for these positions and to keep trying, as we have more opportunities to come.

TSC Vacancies. We are honored to relay the following vacancies for the TSC (these of course are already active in USA Jobs):

  1. Term vacancy as ADMINISTRATOR, ENGAGEMENT & OUTREACH, AD-1701-09, located in Anchorage Alaska at the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies is open on USAJOBS 14 APR – 05 MAY 2022. If you are interested and feel that you are qualified, please follow the “How to Apply” instructions and submit your application.
  2. Term vacancies as RESEARCH ANALYST (OPERATIONS) & RESEARCH ANALYST (ARCTIC AWARENESS), AD-1701-03, (two separate positions) located in Anchorage Alaska at the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies is open on USAJOBS 19 APR – 17 MAY 2022. If you are interested and feel that you are qualified, please follow the “How to Apply” instructions and submit your application to the mailbox: .

As we emerge from the crazy world of COVID, and while yet an unneeded and violent disruption of the rules based order by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine continues, we are determined to advance research, practitioner programs and activities in and across the Arctic region that supports the Rules-based Order of the Arctic and helps the Arctic operator better cope with an ever increasing dynamic region.

Thanks for your interest in these endeavors and in U.S., Allied and partner defense and security interests in the Arctic.

Very best wishes and very respectfully, Church

Randy “Church” Kee, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)
Senior Advisor, Arctic Security Affairs
Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies
U.S. Department of Defense
907 885 8324

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