The European Year of Youth finally opened the doors! And how many novelties we are preparing for you!

Starting from a very rich Magazine, full of thoughts and reflections about Youth: inclusion, Youth Guarantee, European goals, etc. We are very proud of this issue, and we have to thanks all the contributors. A special one is represented by a brief, but special, article arrived directly from Tirana, which has been designed as “European Youth Capital” for 2022. Of course, this doesn’t mean forgetting our “most” dedicated ones, such as our friend Tom, that always enriches our pages.

You will have the chance to read, as well, an interesting reflection about the progress our societies did about youth inclusion and a recognition about Youth work, opening for a better dialogue.

Last but not least, please stay tuned to receive more info about our new, and next, Save the date!

The Youth Employment Online Magazine issue 16

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