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The Festival "Save and Preserve" is a complex international project of a unique format. For several days Khanty-Mansiysk turns into the TV and ecological capital of Russia, where it is possible to see all the most topical foreign and domestic ecological film-documentaries.

The main aim of the festival is to attract wide public attention to the existing environmental problems, to promote international cooperation in solution of environmental problems by means of documentary films and television.

The XXV Festival "To Save and Preserve" includes:

  • A competition programme of creative television works on environmental themes, including main and children's creative competitions;
  • Public-educational programme: round tables on environmental themes, creative meetings with environmental scientists, social activists, travellers, etc., presentations of environmental projects and festivals;
  • Educational programme: master classes from professionals of national and foreign television and cinema, creative laboratories, master classes for the children's competition participants;
  • Cultural programme: screenings of the Festival's competitive works within the framework of the "Green Cinema" campaign, excursions to Ugra's places of interest, organisation of concert performances, flash mobs, intellectual games.

Over the years of its existence the festival has brought together 37 countries from near and far abroad: Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Italy, Spain, France, Iran, India, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania etc. Russian journalists are given a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the films and programmes of their foreign colleagues.

In 2021, the main creative competition will take place in the following categories:

  • TV project, journalistic programme. Selected episodes or series created for terrestrial television, devoted to current issues in the field of ecology.
  • Documentary. TV story based on real events and people's lives.
  • An informational story. Timing from 2 to 10 minutes;
  • Mini TV feature, public service announcement, animation film, short video clip. Timing from 3 to 5 minutes;
  • Ethnoecology: Nature and Indigenous Peoples. TV piece, film about the life and culture of indigenous people, who preserve their national identity.
  • Camera work. All kinds of television works on a certain theme, demonstrating outstanding professionalism of cameramen, containing highly artistic shots, or shooting in unusual/extreme conditions will be nominated.
  • Environmental Internet Project. In the nomination, video content produced for the Internet space - reels, video clips, short stories, flash mobs, posted on social networks, blogs and having a response in the Internet community. Timing to 5 minutes;
  • Global Challenge. Television stories about local environmental problems leading to destructive and irreversible changes in natural ecosystems, the negative impact of such changes on society and the people who are fighting to save the planet.
  • Creative ecology on TV. Authors' projects implemented on TV using creative formats, non-standard ways of involving the audience, using interactive formats to involve residents in solving environmental problems.

The number of creative works is increasing every year. In 2020, TV companies and independent authors submitted more than 380 works from 37 countries.

The programme is packed with business and cultural events. Numerous open screenings, master-classes, meetings with famous producers and much more were organised for participants and guests.