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The Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Awards are awarded to action-oriented scientific initiatives to improve and reverse the dramatic effects of climate change in a concrete way.

Applicants are invited to propose solutions to improve and reverse the effects of climatic change in one or more of the following categories:

  • Preventing and reversing climate change through technological developments that can be accomplished through concrete and practical implementation.
  • Containing and mitigating climate change through concrete actions and plans.
  • Proposals for regulatory and policy change by way of legislation.


  • EUR 100,000
  • Present the Winning Project at the Arctic Circle Award Ceremony
  • Honorary Reception and Dinner
  • Opportunity to Implement the Project Through the UArctic Network

The Award is linked to the name of Frederik Paulsen who for decades has been a strong promoter of Arctic and Antarctic research and cooperation as well as being a patron and a crucial supporter of many Arctic endeavours which have facilitated the cooperation between experts and scientists from many nations. Frederik Paulsen has also demonstrated strong respect for the culture and the livelihood of indigenous peoples. His support for the Arctic Circle and the UArctic is also a contribution to our success.

The Award will serve to promote and raise awareness of promising projects which address climate change through concrete actions and plans.


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