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Arctic Frontiers Webinar Arctic Marine Operations and Shipping: Green Initiatives and Challenges - 7 April 2021

Major economies aim to be carbon neutral by 2050. Such an ambition implies an almost full transition away from using fossil fuels to power the transport sector, including maritime transport. How will the maritime Arctic be influenced by global responses to climate change? The webinar, organized by the Academia Europaea Bergen Knowledge Hub (AE-Bergen), Pacific Environment, The University of Bergen and Arctic Frontiers addresses maritime transport in the Arctic and will provide insights into a complex set of issues: the Arctic’s policy framework for marine safety and environmental protection; indigenous and conservation perspectives; green ship technology; marine infrastructure; and, what measures are needed to make Arctic marine operations and shipping more sustainable.

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Connecting Norway and the EU

Arctic Frontiers is excited to be part of the newly established Norway-EU Science Diplomacy Network led by UiT The Arctic University of Norway and funded by the Research Council of Norway. Stay tuned for joint activities in the coming months.


The role of Arctic Cooperation

We look forward to the High North Dialogue 2021 next month. Anu Fredrikson, Executive Director at Arctic Frontiers, will join the panel discussion “The role of Arctic Cooperation – Icelandic, Russian and Norwegian Perspectives” at 12:00CET, 22 April 2021.

I look very much forward to returning to High North Dialogue and continuing the discussions on issues affecting the development of the Arctic together with our Arctic friends. Through the High North Hero award, the conference in Bodø sets a specific focus on the positive examples of economic development in our region. It is an honor and a privilege to present the award on behalf of the High North Hero Award committee to this year’s winner.” – says Anu Fredrikson

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