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One of Europe's most established Shared Services event series is taking place on the 23rd - 24th February 2021.

Over the two days we have invited industry leaders and organisations to share pioneering case studies, thought leadership presentations, path-finding panels, best practice case studies, peer-led round table discussions, deep-dive workshops and masterclasses.

The event is online, free and educational, and I would like to provide you with three further reasons why you should attend. You will:

  • Get insightful up-to-date case studies and thought leadership presentations highlighting the challenges these companies face and how to overcome them.
  • Hear from over 30 world class influencers who will, we are convinced, bridge any knowledge gaps you may have and you will learn how to create a culture of performance, engagement and team work for crisis situations.
  • Have the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from SSO leaders on how embracing change, innovating and planning for reinventing your operating model will help establish a framework to support cohesive and strategic value adding plans for your SSC to develop towards a GBS model.

For more information please view the website to see the agenda or join our LinkedIn group for more information.