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Welcome to take part at the online seminar "Cultural Paths" at the IV Arctic Art Forum on Saturday, December 5, at 17.00 CET.

Cultural Paths is an interdisciplinary project aimed at recognizing and increasing the value of local practices, embodied knowledge and skills in Northern Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Iceland. The project proposes to create an interregional cooperation program between rural initiatives and organizations that work with the revitalization and dissemination of Northern culture through contemporary art, design and crafts.

Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions are different administrative divisions today, but before the Soviet Union, these territories of the North had a common cultural history. "From Kholmogory to Kola there are thirty-three Nikolas", says a Pomor proverb referring to the number of churches in honor of St. Nicholas, patron of sailors living on the Northern shores, people living from the sea who created an unique culture preserved until today. The topic "Embodied knowledge" was discussed at the Arctic Art Forum 2016.

At the 2020 Forum, this topic continues with a seminar of the consonant project "Cultural Paths", curated by Javier Rodruguez (Venezuela-England). As part of the project in the North, the artist made an expedition to Varzuga and the Tersky coast of the White Sea. Several activities and studies have been carried out and will be discussed at the seminar. In addition, Irina Ivanova (the "Barents Bird" festival), Nikolay Vymorkov (the "Rovdina Gora" project) and the artist Carlos Monleon (Madrid) are taking part in the seminar. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.