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17 July 2009

International Polar Year - IPY

International Polar Year (IPY) has launched a new website in association with the Arctic Portal. The IPY is a huge exciting scientific campaign focusing on the Polar Regions. It is also an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate, follow, and get involved with, cutting edge science in real-time.

16 July 2009

Indigenous Peoples at the Arctic Council

International Work Opportunity, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secretariat is looking for an Executive Secretary. The position requires an understanding of issues concerning Arctic Indigenous Peoples, the Environment, and Sustainable Development.

15 July 2009

Climate and Cryosphere - CliC

The new edition of the the Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Newsletter is available for download here. This June issue consists of contributions on the Carbon and Permafrost (CAPER) Initiative, integration across cryospheric disciplines, workshop reports and project updates.

3 July 2009

Arctic Portal news

New research, conducted by the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen and published in the scientific journal Climate Dynamics, maintains that the sea ice in the Arctic sea between Greenland and Svalbard has reached the smallest size it has been in 800 years.

23 June 2009

Arctic Portal news

Nordic council of Ministers continues to support UArctic activities by granting 650 000DKK for this year for a new joint project led by Thule Institute, University of Oulu, Finland. New project Arctic Virtual Learning Tools joins UArctic and Arctic Portal into close co-operation where new UArctic educational material and virtual classroom will be distributed and shared through Arctic Portal.

12 June 2009

Arctic Portal news

New networking mechanism, promoting cooperation between science, youth associations, non-profit organizations, business and authorities, has been established for the benefit of development of northern regions in Russia.

29 May 2009

AMSA 2009 report

The Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment working group of the Arctic Council has released a new Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment report for the year 2009.

27 May 2009

Circumpolar Young Leaders Program flyer

The International Institute for Sustainable Development is currently recruiting northern Canadian youth to take part in a six-month internship program "Circumpolar Young Leaders Program". Placements are with leading organizations working on northern issues in other circumpolar countries and in southern Canada.

4 May 2009

Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

Recently the Association of Early Career Polar Scientists launched a new website.The outlook of the website has been changed and some new features have been added. The new site features a fully searchable membership directory to find colleagues and for prospective employers to search for new hires. There is also a new and improved discussion board that is refered to as the APECS Student Lounge.

12 March 2009

Communities of Change

The ACUNS-APECS: Communities of Change - Building an IPY Legacy

15 January 2009

Arctic Portal news

To promote some of the good work carried out by the various IPY projects Educators and Scientists are offered the chance to submit material to a Polar Resource Book being created. This is an opportunity for individuals or groups who have adopted a new polar science activity or program for students or community during the IPY that were successful, and are interested in share these activities with a broader audience.

17 December 2008


The International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) invites contributions for the next issue of the Northern Notes newsletter.