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25 February 2020


The United Nations (UN) warns of extreme weather events in 2020 and beyond after declaring the past decade the hottest on record. According to the UN the average global air and ocean temperatures during both the past five year (2015-2019) and ten year (2010-2019) periods were the highest recorded.

18 February 2020

International Permafrost Association - IPA

Over the weekend, the IPA Executive Committee and members of the ICOP 2020 Local Organizing Committee held an emergency meeting to discuss the plans for ICOP 2020 in light of the situation with COVID-19 in China. Unfortunately it is simply not possible to hold an international conference as planned in 2020. The IPA releases an official statement on this cancellation today; this is attached to this email.

15 February 2020

28th Polar Libraries Colloquy

The Second Call for Papers of the 28th Polar Libraries Colloquy to be held in Quebec City, from June 7th to 13th.

11 February 2020

Women and girl

The United Nations have proclaimed 11 February the International Day of Women and Girls in Science aiming to inspire and engage women and girls in science and STEM education. It is still widely the case, unfortunately, that women and girls are excluded from participating fully in science.

7 February 2020

The figure shows the the area and result of assessment over the period 13 - 25 January, 2020.

A preliminary assessment on the capelin stock in the Icelandic economic area, arrived from measurements in January, has been published by the Icelandic Marine & Freshwater Research Institute (MRI).

30 January 2020


The Edu-Arctic project that Arctic Portal was a partner in and that formally ended August 2019 was selected for publication in the “Results in Brief“ section of the European Commission´s CORDIS website. We are very proud to announce that it has now been published and promoted on the CORDIS website in six languages.

29 January 2020

Northern Forum School

The Municipal Educational Institution in Yakutsk invites students from the northern regions to participate in the international interregional distant Olympiad “School of Living in the North.

27 January 2020


Terribel news for the Icelandic economy if capelin (Mallotus villosus) is not to be found in Icelandic waters second year around. Last year, 2019, was the first year that no quota on Capelin catching was issued since Icelanders started fishing for Capelin in 1963.

23 January 2020

NATO radar and telecommunication station in Iceland

He was stuck at work at the top of a mountain for 12 days, due to severe weather. Surely, on a good day, his office has a great view, but still...

22 January 2020

Vehicle rescue operation

The weather in Iceland is known to be really unpredictable but this winter it has been extremely unpredictable, with heavy winds and snowfalls. According to the Icelandic newsprovider Iceland Monitor travelling in the highlands of Iceland can be really treacherous because of hidden dangers on the way.

16 January 2020

NASA 2019 the 2nd hottest year heatmap

According to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Earth's global surface temperatures in 2019 were the second warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880.

15 January 2020

avalanche map of Flateyri Iceland

Three large avalanches fell in the West Fjords shortly before midnight last night - two of them in the village of Flateyri, population 200, and the third near the village of Suðureyri, population 260, reports. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.