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20 January 2021


As our users may have already experienced the Arctic Portal highly comprehensive and popular Inter-Map Interactive mapping system is blocked from user access since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, 2020 (Adobe Flash Player reached the end of life ) and then blocked Flash content completely from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021.

7 January 2021

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Map Arctic Portal

According to the news provider the Guardian in an article written by Emily Holden the Trump administration´s last minute attempt to auction off part of a long-protected Arctic refuge to oil drillers brought almost zero interest from oil companies.

29 December 2020

RV Xuelong on the third CHINARE cruise (Arctic Ocean)

The journal Advances in Polar Science (APS) is now open for article submissions for the upcoming special issue “Sino-Finnish Cooperation on Cryosphere and Climatology in Polar and Sub-polar Regions” to be published in December 2021. Contributions are sincerely invited!

16 December 2020

Office of Indigenous languages in CanadaThe Indigenous Languages Act of Canada establishes the Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages which is composed of a full-time Commissioner, and up to three full-time Directors who represent the interests of First Nations, the Inuit and the Métis. Detailed information on the role of the office and job descriptions can be found on the Governmental site of Canada, the applications for the jobs are open until 11 January 2021 when they will be reviewed.

11 December 2020

Yule Lads at Dimmuborgir, Mývatn

It is that time of the year again. Christmas is approaching and that means the Yule lads are again on the prowl! 

Our last year's coverage of their adventures and habits has received great attention. Thus, we decided that the Arctic Portal should honour them again with media coverage.

10 December 2020

Arctic Economic Council director Mads Qvist Frederiksen

The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) has hired a new director, Mads Qvist Frederiksen. He will take over from Anu Fredrikson in the beginning of 2021.

9 December 2020

Arctic Report Card 2020

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has published its 15th Arctic Report Card that has been issued annually for the past 15 years. The report card is compiled by 133 scientists from 15 countries based on compilation of original, peer-reviewed environmental observations and analyses of the Arctic and its weather, climate, oceanic and land conditions.

8 December 2020

Radiolaire libre de droits pour utilisation non commerciale Christian Sardet Noé Sardet Chroniques du plancton Fondation Tara Océan cr

On December 12, 2020 the schooner Tara will set sail on a new major scientific expedition. The sailing laboratory will travel 70,000 km in the South Atlantic, along the South American and African coasts and as far as Antarctica for nearly two years. The mission involves 72 research institutions from around the world. They will study the ocean’s most fundamental fabric — the microbiome — to understand the functioning of this ecosystem in a context of ongoing global change.

7 December 2020

International Arctic Forum - State Policy in the Arctic

The key topics in the media digest of the International Arctic Forum ‘Economic Development of the Arctic’ from November 2020 where: Northern sea route, international relations, defense and security and tourism in the Arctic.

6 December 2020

2020 Arctic Partnership Week

2020 KOREA Arctic Partnership Week will be held as an On-Line VIRTUAL EVENT 7th to 11th of December.

2 December 2020

Inuit Literature

A new cultural website on Inuit Literature has recently been opened at the initiative of the International Laboratory for Research on Images of the North, Winter and the Arctic, and thanks to the work and collaboration of many individuals.

1 December 2020

Mapping Arctic Research in Iceland

The report Mapping Arctic Research in Iceland has been published in cooperation between The Icelandic Centre for Research, Stefansson Arctic Institute and the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network.