(Photo: Getty Images) Uummannaq-village in GreenlandNorwegian Space Center stated last week that there might be a possibility to provide the high speed internet to the one of last places on Earth where it is still not available: the Arctic.

Norwegian Space Center has teamed up with Telenor Satellite Broadcasting to assess the feasibility of a new satellite system covering northern areas outside the reach of current geostationary communications satellites.

The appointed team was measuring the feasibility and cost of establishing broadband internet cover in the Arctic.

The research shows that the cost of the activity might reach 4 billion NOK.

The Arctic is one of the last places on Earth remaining without the high – speed internet. The reason for that is the location of satellites. Because they are set up close to equator, the signal does not have a chance to reach further than 70°N.

Although the demand is not big it will grow, together with melting ice and growing potential for commerce and scientific research.



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